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Counterfeit Consumer Goods

The Problem

Buying an auto part online has never been easier thanks to a growing number of ecommerce marketplaces catering to consumers looking for everything from shocks and struts to rotors and brake pads.

But alongside the greater ease of online shopping for auto parts is a growing threat that product could be counterfeit. Criminals are targeting unsuspecting vehicle owners, most of which don’t have the expertise to spoke a fake.

U.S. Attorneys in several states have prosecuted individuals who bought and resold replacement airbags imported from China. Their tests show that the bags are dangerous, both because they do not inflate during an accident, and because in some cases they actually exploded upon impact.

In one case, prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney for North Carolina, a man pleaded guilty to selling counterfeit airbags, which he shipped to 8,100 customers across the country.

The Opportunity

To solve today’s most pressing challenges within Automotive and A&D, VEREPHIED has built a solution for location awareness & verification. This innovative solution is built on a unique set of integrated technologies leveraging the power of SAP Hana and the VEREPHIED patented solution suite for mobile authentication and validation.


The growth of location - enabling technologies has created new opportunities to develop B2B and B2C solutions.

Extensive analysis of historical data is being replaced with predictive intelligence fed data from live location based structured and un-structured data.

Personalized, verified, location-based analytics at precisely the right moment. Safety, reliability and accuracy drives the organizations response.

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Product Validation
  • Location-based Analytics
  • Promotion Centric
  • Consumer Safety