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Counterfeit Goods Chart

The Problem

While most are familiar with the problem of counterfeiting as it effects consumers and consumer goods, the increase in counterfeiting among business to business customers is growing and had severe consequences.

Counterfeit Electrical Products for example are estimated to be an $11-20 Billion a year problem globally and growing some estimates suggest as much as $400 million of that is in North America alone.

The Opportunity

To solve today’s most pressing challenges within Industrial Products, VEREPHIED has built a solution for location awareness & verification. This innovative solution is built on a unique set of integrated technologies leveraging the power of SAP Hana and the VEREPHIED patented solution suite for mobile authentication and validation.

The Drivers

The growth of location - enabling technologies has created new opportunities to develop B2B and B2C solutions.

Extensive analysis of historical data is being replaced with predictive intelligence fed data from live location based structured and un-structured data.

Personalized, verified, location-based analytics at precisely the right moment. Safety, reliability and accuracy drives the organizations response.

  • Product Validation
  • Location-based Analytics
  • Promotion Centric
  • Safety and Reliability