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Counterfeit Drug Chart

The Problem

Imagine taking a medication without knowing if it’s the proper strength, if it might be contaminated with foreign substances, or even if it contains any real medicine at all. Unfortunately, these worries are the reality for many people in the world. In the European Union, seizures of counterfeit drugs soared 118% in 2008. Thirty-four million counterfeit pills were confiscated over just two months, including vital medications for treating high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.

Recognizing this enormous problem the United States passed the Drug Quality Safety Act in November of 2013 and although the passage of this legislation was a step in the right direction it still falls short in protecting Food, Drugs and the entire healthcare system for a variety of reasons.

The Opportunity

To solve today's most pressing challenges within Foods Drugs and Health Carte, VEREPHIED has built a solution for location awareness & verification. This innovative solution is built on a unique set of integrated technologies leveraging the power of SAP Hana and the VEREPHIED patented solution suite for mobile authentication and validation.

The Drivers

The growth of location - enabling technologies has created new opportunities to develop B2B and B2C solutions.

Extensive analysis of historical data is being replaced with predictive intelligence fed data from live location based structured and un-structured data.

Personalized, verified, location-based analytics at precisely the right moment. Safety, reliability and accuracy drives the organizations response.

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Product Validation
  • Location-based Analytics
  • Promotion Centric
  • Consumer Safety