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Counterfeit Goods Chart

The Problem

It’s no secret the retail industry has seen a decrease in in-store sales over the last few years. Factors such as online shopping, educated shoppers, counterfeiting and Next Gen behavior influences are all effecting outcomes.

Driving traffic, engaging this new shopper and protecting the brand from counterfeits and shrinkage are vital to long term luxury-retail success. VEREPHIED’s patented solution for luxury retail goods helps manufacturers and retailers in all of these areas.

The Opportunity

To solve today’s most pressing Retail Luxury apparel challenges VEREPHIED has built a solution for location awareness & verification. This innovative solution is built on a unique set of integrated technologies leveraging the power of SAP Hana and the VEREPHIED patented solution suite for mobile authentication and validation.

The Drivers

The growth of location - enabling technologies has created new opportunities to develop B2B and B2C solutions.

Extensive analysis of historical data is being replaced with predictive intelligence fed data from live location based structured and un-structured data.

Personalized, verified, location-based analytics at precisely the right moment. Safety, reliability and accuracy drives the organizations response.

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Product Validation
  • Location-based Analytics
  • Promotion Centric
  • Safety/Crisis Management